SJKL Trading International

SJKL Trading International is a 100% export oriented Jute Yarn / Twine Trading Company. We export our goods to Egypt, U.K. , Turkey, India, Belgium, Japan,  Indonesia, China and many other countries in the world.

For a complete list of countries , visit Exporting Countries page.

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Our export trading house is located in Bangladesh where some of the most finest jute can be found. The company initially started its exporting operation through specialized Jute Products and earning global reputation . Today the company is exporting its wide variety of quality Jute products to all the four corners of the Globe.

To know more, visit our About Us page.

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Quality Assurance

Presence of a well organized workforce and professionals characterize our company. We ensure our clients receive the highest level of quality products and uphold our reputation by providing products produced from some of the best jute available in the world.

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